Book Review: Quiet

TITLE: Quiet

AUTHOR: Susan Cain

GENRE: Non-Fiction

RATING: 4.5/5

How did we go from Character to Personality without realizing that we had sacrificed something meaningful along the way?

Susan Cain (Quiet)

Being an introvert is not easy and not because they have more flaws but because the world has yet not accepted them. Because unfortunately introversion is considered a weakness and not a personality type.

Susan Cain sadly had to find a way out to justify introversion and to bring their strengths out in the light and it was necessary.

Why is social anxiety a disorder whereas inability to be alone is not? Why is introversion a personality which needs fixing while extroversion is literally called a winning-personality?

In a world full of extroverted and pretence extroverted people, introverts usually get told how better the other personality is. In the 1920s, American advertising companies took over to impose the importance of being an extrovert, targeting the little voice in people which told them they were not enough.

Even though, personal space, solitude, and self-assessment has been proven to produce groundbreaking results. Yet, this world is obsessed with pulling the skin out of every introvert as though underneath it all is their gregarious self.

Susan cain, being an introvert herself breaks the stigma about introversion through research done by psychologists explaining the possible origin of both the personalities, their effects on individuals and the results they produce. This is a well researched book which for a change targets not only introverts’ flaws and extroverts’ achievements but observes both personalities through the same lens having flaws as well as strengths.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Quiet”

  1. The corporate world keeps on telling a person to get out of their comfort zone to show case their skills and work. In spite of works like Quiet, nothing much has changed in a competitive environment where presentation is more important than the actual thought. A lot of meaningless discourse and touted sel-help/motivational talk reaches the mainstream and echoes in board rooms because some people can hard sell with the sheer power of extroversion. What people need to realize is that extroverts are in their comfort zone when they are gregarious and all talk. No one calls them out for being on their comfort zone; why only pull up introverts to move out of their Quiet zone :-). Just a perspective. Interestingly, empty vessels make a lot of noise; the filled ones sit steadfast in their little corners.

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    1. So true. And what enrages me is that there are seminars and courses on acting like an extrovert, on being more outgoing and confident. How on earth are people going to be confident when the world won’t let them be comfortable in their own skin!


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